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Welcome to Carbomask®! World Famous Activated Charcoal Facepaint and Performance Hunting Accessories!



 Since 1996, Carbomask® Brand Hunting Accessories has delivered Premium Performance Products to the Bowhunter.    



Premium Performance Face Paint utilizes activated charcoal, natural clay and other ingredients to create a water based polymeric facepaint that is a scent-free, odor-adsorbing, and no glare cover up. Carbomask® facepaint has all of the traditional advantages of facepaint (better peripheral vision, better hearing, cleaner nocking point, better breathing) without any of the traditional disadvantages of greasy, oil based facepaints  including difficult of removal, (Read more…)      

CarboSoap™ Premium Performance Hunter’s Soap is the lowest odor hunter’s soap on the market today.  Utilizing a combination of activated charcoal, high glycerine soap and other ingredients, CarboSoap sloughs dead skin cells and adsorbs odors more than any other hunter’s soap on the market.  This sloughing factor, achieved through micro dermabrasion, is unique to CarboSoap and increases its effectiveness significantly. ( Read more…)    

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